The president speech

President of the association
“Arts et Métiers” President of ISFF ( FIFE )

A hymn to cinema and freedom


Following the great success of all the editions of the FIFE, the “Art et Métiers” Association is
aiming to ensure the continuity of this creative event after the halt imposed by the COVID-19
The event will also feature a rich programme of exchanges and sharing (workshops, screenings,
tributes, symposia, round tables, exhibitions, etc.).
FIFE is convinced that cinematographic creation conceived and produced by students from here
and abroad has played a key role in intercultural development, thanks to a number of
performances and adventures that have used creative mediation to help anchor the noble values
of our humanity.
FIFE is also convinced that the right of artists to express themselves freely is an existential
condition. Cinematographic art has an extraordinary power to express states of being, hope and
rebirth. It makes an essential contribution to all innovative humanist projects.
Cinematographic freedom is artistic freedom: the freedom to imagine, create and disseminate
diverse cultural expressions. It includes the right of every citizen to access these works and is
essential to the well-being of societies.
According to UNESCO, freedom encompasses a range of rights protected under international
law: the right to create without censorship or intimidation; the right to support, disseminate and
remunerate artistic activities; the right to freedom of movement; the right to freedom of
association; the right to protection of social and economic rights; and the right to participate in
cultural life.