Mohamed Galaoui, university lecturer, former president of the Moroccan Film Critics Association  and a founding member of the editorial board of the magazine “Cinema” (previously film studies) , and author of the book “Annakd Al Mouzdaouij”. His passion for cinema from an early age has led him to sit on the juries of several national and international film festivals, and has contributed to a number of specialist publications. In 2009, he was appointed member and then Chairman of the Commission of the Production Support Fund. In 2011, he was appointed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI a member of the Supreme Council of the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA). A most eloquent career that richly deserves this recognition.

His publications include :

The plural critic…



Member of several associations and professional bodies working in the field of the press , audiovisual and
cinema: twice a member of the commission for the aid fund of the Rabat International Author’s Film Festival,
General Secretary of the Association 7ème art in Rabat, SG of the Moroccan Association of Professional
Audiovisual and Cinema (AMPAC)…
Contributed to the switchover of Moroccan television to digital DTT and to the setting up
of Moroccan channels: Attakafia, Al Maghribiya, Al Amazighia and channel 7 dedicated to
cinema. Drafted the first specifications for Moroccan public television (SNRT, 2M).
(SNRT, 2M).
Produced several studies and reports, and contributed to a number of books on the sector for
sector on behalf of international organisations: UNESCO, ISESCO, Council of Europe, etc.
Council of Europe, etc.

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