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Mirvet Médini

Masterclass “Film Language” led by Dr Mirvet Médini :
President (fiction and documentary film director and lecturer at the Higher School of Audiovisual and
Cinema in Gammarth, Tunisia.


Mirvet Médini Kammoun: Doctor of Arts and Arts Sciences (Sorbonne Paris 1, 2009) and lecturer at
ESAC (Tunisia). She is a film-maker, author and lecturer.
She has taken part in several conferences in Tunisia, France and the United States of America. She
published her first book, Youssef Chahine, caméra de tous les combats, in 2010 (CPU, university
publication centre, Tunisia). In 2014, she made her first short film, Nejma, selected and awarded at the
3rd Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival. In 2018, she released her second short film, Wedding of
Thorns, which was presented in official competition at several international festivals, including Aswan
International Woman Film Festival. 2018, Festival International International Oriental Film Festival


Meeting with the journalist, critic and writer Fouad SOUIBA :
Cinema in modern societies

Fouad Souiba was born in Rabat, Morocco, on 16 February 1963. After studying in Morocco and Quebec, he
obtained a degree in communications and journalism. Since 1982 he has worked intensively as a journalist, TV
commentator and film festival presenter.
A journalist by training and career, Fouad Souiba has worked for several Moroccan daily newspapers, radio and
television as a programme presenter and producer of special editions. Editor-in-chief of several magazines,
including Cinémasrah and Al Machhad, he is co-author with Fatima Zahra El Alaoui of the book Un Siècle de
cinéma au Maroc. He is also a member of the editorial committee of the book Regards Immortels, edited by
LarbiEsqualli, and a contributor to other collective books. Writer, producer and director of a series of 10
documentaries and portraits devoted to the most famous authors of Moroccan cinema. for the Al Jazeera
television channel.
As a screenwriter, producer and director, he made his first short film, Dream Boy, in 2004. This was followed
in 2007 by two other short films for the cinema: a drama: Mia Derial (5 Dirhams) and a documentary:
Chuchotements à un ange qui passe, (Whispers to a passing by angel). In 2007, he co-directed a documentary
with Fouad A laywan entitled Sanaouat Arrassas (“Years of bullets “), produced by Al Ja zeera. It recounts the
atrocities experienced by former political detainees in Moroccan jails, through authentic testimonies from the
victims of this dark period.
testimonies of the victims of this black period, some of whom are now journalists and authors of books based
on films dedicated to this exceptional experience. The documentary questions the authors of the books and the
filmmakers about the conditions under which they wrote books and made films about the atrocities of political
imprisonment. In 2010 he made his third short fiction film, Baouabat Assaâda (Gate of Happiness).
Fouad Souiba is currently putting the finishing touches to the script for his first feature film, Engrenages,
curiously dedicated to the last thirty years of modern Morocco. In April 2012 he published his first novel, “The
Misunderstood of Hay Mohammad”


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