Session Aziz El Fadili

Aziz Al-Fadli (1934 – 19 November 2021) was a Moroccan actor and presenter. He
presented a number of series and technical programmes, and presented weather forecasts
in the 1980s on Moroccan television. The character “Bais Al-Dis” from the series “Family
Pictures”, which was shown in the 90s, is one of the most famous characters he portrayed
in his work.
Aziz Al-Fadli is the father of actor Hanan Al-Fadli and director Adel Al-Fadli.
Aziz Al-Fadli is a former journalist and a famous Moroccan actor. He was born in
Casablanca, Morocco, in 1934 AD, where he studied media and journalism in Morocco
before deciding to join Moroccan television as a news presenter. In his life, he had several
fils who later became famous directors and actors, including director Adel Al-Fadili.
The late Moroccan artist, Aziz El-Fadli, began his biography by presenting weather
forecasts on official Moroccan television for a few years, before deciding to pursue his
dreams as an actor and join the artistic and cinematographic community from the era of
black and white, via the colour screen, and he has already succeeded, since he has become
one of the most important actors in the Kingdom of Morocco, who have really impressed
the whole Arab world with their creativity in this field, here are his most outstanding
Blessings, Frasak. labricad.
Grey and youth. homeless
Women of neighbourhood C. The seven doors of the night.