The artistic director speech

Cinema Artistic Director of the ISFF (FIFE)

A history and a future

This year’s edition is already a confirmation of the international strength of our festival. It
is also a confirmation that our festival has been able to capitalise on its achievements and
that it is looking to the future. Year after year, the festival increasingly assumes the future
of cinema in all its promising aspects: its creativity and diversity.
Our festival today has a history and a future: a history of performance and influence, and
a future that looks very promising. Once again, through a particularly rich programme,
we’re going to reveal a great diversity of choices, and certainly discover new talent.
At this stage, the young people in training, from several countries around the world, are
presenting us this year with films tackling the most diverse subjects and using the most
varied technologies.
So we’re going to be sharing some great moments and just as many emotions: screenings,
workshops, debates, tributes, and numerous meetings that will be organised to the delight
of an audience that is growing from one edition to the next…
Welcome, and enjoy the festival!