Allal Sahbi

Allal Sahbi. After studying sociology and cinema in Paris, he joined ORTF (French public television) in ) in
Assistant to Souheil Benbarka on his first three feature films: ” A Thousand and One Hands ” 1972 , ” The
petrol war will not take place” 1974 and ” Blood wedding ” 1977.
In 1974, he met Latif Lahlou and Hakim Noury. The latter was his assistant on “The petrol war Blood wedding
and then replaced him with Benbarka. Allal Sahbi later became Hakim Noury’s regular chief editor for his
films, in particular his film “A simple news item “, for which he won the prize for best editing at the Festival
Festival in 1999.
He has also worked as chief editor with a number of leading Moroccan filmmakers, including : Latif Lahlou,
Mohammed Abderrahmane Tazi, Fa rida Belyazid among others…
In 1976, he joined FR3 as chief editor, then post-production manager, which enabled him to collaborate on a
number of France 3’s flagship drama, documentary and music programmes, alongside his work as a trainer at
France Télévision and as an expert for several foundations. In 1984, he took part in the creation of the second
Moroccan channel and later ISMAC.
He was a member of the Commission for Advance Receipts …

Workshop led by Jean- Marc Deltompe :
Photography between documentary and the imaginary.


Artistic make-up workshop and cinema special effects

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